A fish bowl you can eat

Here is my first recipe:


 here’s what you need:
1 box of blue gelatin mix like blueberry
fish gummies (candy)
3 9oz. clear plastic cups
and a knife

Here’s what you have to do to make it:
1. To make an edible fish bowl you first need to mix up the gelatin according to the directions on the box. This works best with sugar-free gelatin. (1 box will make 3 small fish bowls)

2. Put blueberries on the bottom of a plastic cup.

3. Then, pour the gelatin in slowly so the blueberries don’t go everywhere.

4. Some blueberries might float to the top, if they do then just pick them out with a spoon.
5. Put the cup in the refrigerator until it is half set it will take about 1 1/2 hours.

6. put the gummy fish into the half set jello.

7. Now put the fish bowl back into the fridge until it is set all the way, about 4 hours. Then it will look like a fish bowl.
 Bon  Appetit!


2 Responses to A fish bowl you can eat

  1. foodfun says:

    Well I don’t have digital camera so I can’t take pics but it is GOOD!!!

  2. Mary Grace says:


    ~Mary Grace~

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