Reading meme

June 17, 2007

1. All-Time favorite book? The Chronicles of Narnia.

2. Worst book you ever read? I like all the books I read.

3.Favorite book series? The Chronicles of Narnia.

4. Favorite fantasy series? Lord of the rings.

5. Favorite historical fiction? Definitely the little house books.

6.Favorite Nonfiction? Books about Rome.

7.Favorite book that became a movie ? Lord of the rings.

8. Longest book you ever read? Lord of the rings which is about 300 Pages long.

9. Scariest book you ever read? A book called scary stories. LOL!!!

10. First chapter book you ever read? Hank the cow dog.

11.How often do you go to the library? About three times every week.

12. One random fact about my reading tastes: I like mystery books.

I tag:MG and Kayla


cook the Italian way

June 14, 2007

I got a cook book at the library and it’s called “Cooking the Italian Way.” and there is all kinds of Italian foods, like pizza and spaghetti and there is even an Italian food called Chinese pasta and there is lots of other gross stuff like egg plant stew.

Oh!!! and like it said in my last post my birthday was may 30, and I got, a gift card to target, some clothes and an index folder, painting kits, money and some more money, and lots of fun!!!