I started going to school at a place called options, It’s pretty cool. I go there every Monday and bring home loads of homework to last me through the week. We just finished the first quarter last week so I’ve been going for about nine weeks. My brother also goes with me, we each have seven periods. First I have International town and Its kind of hard to explain so I won’t get into that right now. Secondly I have writing class, that’s my favorite class. Third I have pre-algebra which is pretty easy for the most part. After that I go to lunch for an hour I have PB&J most of the time. After I eat I play football with all my friends. Right after lunch I go to logic, that’s my second favorite class, and after that I go to P.E. and right after P.E. I go to piano class, I’m really good in that subject. And when I get out of piano my mom picks me and my brother up and as soon as we get home we start on homework! So that’s what I’ve been doing lately!


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